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Richard Pokora
Technical Writer


Resume | Writing Samples

Do you need an experienced writer to develop documentation from the ground up? Does your department need help updating outdated manuals in time for your next release? I am an experienced technical writer, business analyst, Internet writer and published journalist who can help.

I've written for a wide range of audiences, honing my skills to the point where explaining the less-than-obvious is second nature. As an analyst I can gather information and varied perspectives about your business processes, your challenges and your vision. With this I can articulate your business and user requirements and build a vision document - helping your management and development teams understand your objectives.

A published journalist and web content author, I enjoy researching a broad variety of topics through interviews, meetings, and using online and library resources in order to write informative content for a wide audience - from consumers to critics to highly skilled technicians. I can help you get your message out with accurate well-written news releases and marketing materials.

Generally your customers are only interested in their problems - if you need a white paper that addresses their issues, a document that answers their questions and shows them that you are the best choice, I can help. With research we can articulate what you have to offer and how your service or product solves your customer's needs.

This web site is a portal that offers you, my prospective client or employer, a unique opportunity to review my resume online and read publishable writing samples - showing you that I am the right person to tackle your documentation needs. I look forward to hearing from you with any question that you have.


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